Wantable Style Edit: Reveal and Review – October 2015

This week, I was VERY excited to receive my very first Wantable Style Edit. This service works in a similar way to Stitch Fix. Click here for the details. One of the reasons I chose Wantable, was reading reviews like this one online. The clothes looked closest to my personal style and a good halfway point between Stitch Fix and Trendsend. That I still think is the case, however, there were a few issues with my box which left me a little disappointed.

Let’s start with the box. This may seem trivial but Wantable have by far the nicest packaging. The box is gorgeous! I will definitely be reusing it to store some goodies in!


Upon opening the box, I was treated with a gorgeously wrapped parcel of clothes with a cool little fashion statement wrapping them. I was impressed. Sadly, the box peaked at this point!


Once I began unwrapping my handpicked items, I saw a cute little booklet addressed to me with all the details of my items, prices, return policy and note from my stylist. This was a nice touch but in comparison to the style cards and personalized notes I’ve had from Stitch Fix, it didn’t compare. In fact, the stylist note read like a big fat copy and paste…here’s what Michelle said…


Each item description came with a photo, its price and a sentence about how you could style it. Each one finished with an exclamation point! They’re excited! 3/5 told me to pair it with denim…fairly obvious (and it’s what I did!). Again, in comparison to Stitch Fix, it’s lacking in personalization.

On to the items…

DE/nim Thermal Hoodie in Dusty Pink – $49

This is a cute, lightweight hoodie. The color is adorable but however much I love pale pink (and I really do!), it washes me out. I also felt like it would be better suited to fitness attire. It’s very casual and I could see me throwing this on after hitting the gym (on the rare occasions that happens!) but generally, it’s too casual for the everyday look I’m trying to pull off!

IMG_0682  IMG_0683

And here’s me doing my best Eminem impression…


Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Connelly Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned        

KLD French Terry Dolman Top in Ivory – $58

This was by far the best piece in my box. I loved the quality of the material and thought it was really versatile that could be dressed up or down accordingly.

IMG_0678  IMG_0679

However, I’m not a fan of dolman tops mainly because I feel like a flying squirrel – check out this impression….


It’s also a little too big (as were all the tops – I’m going to size down if I repeat my subscription).

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Connelly Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Booties (Express)

Necklace (Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix)

Status: Undecided

Jack Kath Sweater – $80

This is a cute sweater and I loved the detailing on the back. However, there were two issues I had with it. To begin with, it was too big. However, the biggest issue was the horrible material. It was incredibly scratchy and for an $80 sweater, it was incredibly poor quality. This was one of the most disappointing items in the box and made me seriously question the quality of the clothing coming from wantable. I also felt it was a little old for me.

IMG_0693  IMG_0694

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned (definitely!)

Skinny Denim – $79

These were described as a basic skinny jean which is accurate! However, they were too small. I couldn’t even zip them up (hence why I have not modelled them for you here – no one needs to see the attempt!). Even if they had fitted, they were not at all comfortable. A very hard denim that would not be pleasant to wear. Again, it made me question the quality of the clothing especially for the $79 price tag.


Status: Returned (definitely!)

Cowl Tunic in Grey – $65

When I originally read the description of this top as ‘cowl neck’, I sighed as I really dislike cowl necks. However, I actually really loved this on. It is something I never would choose for myself (one of the reasons I love subscription boxes as it challenges you to expand your fashion choices). Again, it was too big, but more importantly, the material was far too scratchy. This is the kind of top that really needs to be super soft so you can snuggle up in it during the winter months. It wasn’t. A real shame as I probably would have kept it otherwise.

IMG_0666  IMG_0668

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Connelly Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Booties (Express)

Status: Returned        

Overall impressions:

I did enjoy the experience of getting my very first wantable style edit but, overall, I was disappointed with several items. While I understand the fit issues are not the company’s fault, and I had similar problems with my first few stitch fix boxes, the quality of the material leaves much to be desired. The clothes just did not feel like $50+ clothing. And for that reason, I doubt I will be requesting another style edit in the future. However, I would be interested in exploring the collections they offer for beauty and accessories.

What do you think? Do you agree with the items I am sending back? Should I keep the dolman? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re interested in trying wantable, click here.


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