Stitch Fix reveal and review – February 2016

So if you read my January review, you will know that I had a pretty shocking fix! You can read the review again here. As a result, I postponed my February one until the end of the month and requested a different stylist. Well…that did not work!!!

For this box, I requested spring and summer clothes as we’re heading to Florida in a couple weeks and it’s already heating up here. Winter is short (thankfully!) so I’m happy to be hanging up the coats for another year and digging out my flip flops! I love summer clothes – cute dresses, short shorts, summer sandals, bright colors – what’s not to love?! Well unfortunately, most of this fix!

So on that note, let’s check out what February brought…

Gilli Juri Maxi Dress – $78

Now this was promising. I really like the colors (if a little bright) and the cut out back is super cute – really sexy and perfect for date nights in the sun. But I just didn’t love it enough for the price. Because of the back, I couldn’t wear it to school and I only tend to wear maxi dresses on vacation so I just don’t think this would get enough wear. It’s a shame as I do quite like it. I would definitely be interested in trying another Gilli maxi in the future (especially if on sale!).

IMG_2038   IMG_2039

Outfit details:

Sandals (Steve Madden – find similar here)

Necklace (Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned        


Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble Necklace  – $34

My stylist told me to pair the necklace with the maxi which on paper makes complete sense. However, if you look closely, the colors don’t quite go. I know it’s minor but it would bother me! I was also not sold on the rope style chain – not quite my style. Otherwise I love the mint color that is around this spring. In fact, I’ve requested mint jeans in my next fix so watch this space!


Status: Returned


Papermoon Dorset Tie Neck Top – $44

I HATE THIS TOP! I had requested florals because I like them. A lot. They’re pretty and feminine. What I don’t like are super loose, weird fitting tops. I also don’t like tassels. This has both! You can see from the side shot how weird the fit is. While it looks better with jeans, my stylist told me to pair it with the Kut from the Kloth shorts – this is why I wanted a different stylist. It is the worst combination ever! Weird boy shorts with a girly blouse thing. NO. Horrible color combination. Horrible fit. Just so horrible!!! Ewwwwwwwww.

IMG_2073  IMG_2079   IMG_2080

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Short – $58

To continue…..ewwwwwww. I like my shorts short. Because if I don’t wear short shorts, I look like a boy. So in this photo, I look like a boy. Add the horrible army green color. Boy. SO far removed from anything I would ever wear. Every single note I write, I put that I’m a girly girl – pink, florals, skirts, dresses – NOT CARGO SHORTS! EVER!!!


Don’t even need to add this but…

Status: Returned


THML Chana Dress – $68

At first I thought this was a bit boring but, on reflection, I feel like it has a lot of potential. I would need to size down as it’s just too big and therefore is a bit shapeless on me I feel. The embroidery is really pretty and the neckline and collar different (in a good way!). My stylist said this could double up as a cover up on the beach which would totally work for anyone who doesn’t go to the beach with toddlers. So I was tempted but again I just didn’t love it enough to keep.

IMG_2057   IMG_2060


Outfit details:

Sandals (Steve Madden – find similar here)


Overall impressions:

Another pretty terrible fix. In fact, I was so frustrated that my stylist completely disregarded my note and Pinterest board that I wrote to complain to Stitch Fix. The fact that I asked for a different stylist and got the same one proves that they did not read my note. As a result, I am getting a ‘make up’ box for free this week. Stitch Fix are sending me another fix, minus the styling fee, to make amends. They gave me a few pointers on how to get the best boxes (some I already do e.g. Pinterest, while others are new, list favorite stores/celebs in your profile). So while my stylist completely bombed, Stitch Fix customer service came out on top. I have been INCREDIBLY detailed and specific in my new note to my new stylist so I’m hoping he/she comes through for me. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.




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