Wantable Accessories Collection: Reveal and review – March 2016

So those of you who have followed the blog for a while may remember that I have had two unsuccessful wantable style edits and one wantable fitness edit (slightly more successful). I’ve since cancelled those subscriptions – the style edits were nowhere near as good as Stitch Fix and I just don’t work out enough for a monthly fitness fix! However, I have always liked the company so this month I thought I would trial the accessories collection. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

So the accessories collection, like the style and fitness edits, works on a monthly subscription basis. Each month you pay $40 (or $36 if you kept everything the previous month) and receive 4-5 stylist accessories straight to your door. Just like the style and fitness edits, you complete an online profile first which allows you to specify what you love, like and dislike (you’ll only ever receive items you like or love) along with colors, styles, and sizes (e.g. necklace length). You also have the chance to leave a note for your stylist what what you would like this month (or an ongoing general note).

For my first ever collection, I requested jewellery in spring colors – coral, pale pink/rose gold, mint/turquoise, or yellow. I said I would prefer necklaces and bracelets and would love some glamorous sunglasses.

Here’s what turned up this weekend…


Nancy Necklace – Retail: $36  Wantable price: $14.26

OMG – I love this necklace SO much! It literally could not be more perfect! The colors are stunning and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Perfectly perfect!!!



Status: Kept

Emily Earrings (studs) – Retail: $26  Wantable price: $10.30

At first I thought these studs were a bit dull, until I realized the halo around them was interchangeable. Super cool! Classic style with a bit of added glamour with the halo. Love!


Status: Kept

 Lori Drop Earrings – Retail: $22  Wantable price: $8.71

A stunning set of earrings which coincidentally is a perfect color and style match for the Nancy necklace. Loved them the minute I opened the box!


Status: Kept

 Jenny Necklace Long Silver – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $6.73

A delicate necklace featuring a hammered metal vertical bar design. Simple but stylish. I can see me wearing this a lot to add a pretty detail to plain tops and sweaters.


Status: Kept

Overall impressions:

I LOVE Wantable accessories! They make the Stitch Fix jewellery look seriously overpriced in comparison (I’ll be removing that from my style profile ASAP). The quality of each item was superb and amazing for the price. I love every item and will definitely be keeping this subscription going. I can’t wait to see what April brings.

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.


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