Wantable Accessories: Reveal and review – April 2016

I absolutely LOVED my very first Wantable accessories collection (you can read the review here) so was eagerly awaiting my second. I requested chunky jewelry in spring colors, ideally pale pink, bracelets, and a pair of glamorous sunglasses…

Here’s what turned up…

Maureen Sunglasses in Grey Leopard – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $9.71

These are funky glasses. At first, I automatically assumed they were ‘too cool’ for me and feared I wouldn’t be able to ‘carry them off’. Well, to be honest, I still think they are ‘too cool’ and I don’t know if I ‘carry them off’ but I wear them anyway! I love them! Plus for just under $10, what’s to lose?!


Status: Kept

 Elyse Bracelet – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $9.71

A really delicate and pretty bracelet. I just can’t wear these as they just fall off my weird, skinny wrists.


Status: Returned

 Nala Bracelet – Retail: $18  Wantable price: $10.29

This definitely fits my request – chunky jewelry and bracelets – seeing as it’s both! However, like the Elyse bracelet, it’s just too big for my wrists. However, I love the design and think it would be a really versatile piece to have in my jewelry collection.


Status: Returned

 Lizzie Necklace – Retail: $18  Wantable price: $10.29

This was a necklace that I ummed and ahhed over for ages. I love the color and design. In the end, I decided to return it as I couldn’t quite handle the fact one dangly bit was longer than the others. Kinda crazy of me but I know I’d be annoyed with it!


Status: Returned


Overall impressions:

Another great collection. While I only kept the funky sunglasses (which I’ve been wearing constantly!), I consider this box a success as it was just my style. A few sizing issues and some fussiness from myself was all that prevented it from being a 4/4. I can’t wait for next month!

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.

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