Wantable Accessories: Reveal and review – May 2016

This month brought another fabulous Wantable accessories collection. I requested fun spring jewelry in my favorite colors: yellow, pink or turquoise and another pair of sunglasses. This collection came without a personal note from my stylist (I have no idea why) but the items did not disappoint…

Here’s what turned up…

Bryn Sunglasses – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $6.80

Another great pair of glasses (and an absolute bargain price!). These are a little oversized for my liking but seem like good quality for $6 and the reality of the situation is I lose or break sunglasses on a pretty regular basis. A pair of back-ups couldn’t go amiss!


Status: Kept

 Corinne Bracelet – Retail: $26  Wantable price: $10.40

Gorgeous!!! This bracelet is beautiful and a pretty close match to the necklace and earrings I received in my March accessories collection (read all about it here). The fact that the bracelet is stretchy is great as it actually fits my skinny little wrists. A keeper.


Status: Kept

 Terressa Earrings– Retail: $11  Wantable price: $4.40

I love these studs! So much more interesting than your average pair of stud earrings and a beautiful bold yellow stone. Plus they are a perfect match for the…

Blair Necklace – Retail: $46  Wantable price: $18.40

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this necklace! It’s very similar to the turquoise necklace I liked in my March collection, but seeing as I wear that one all the time and absolutely love it, there was no way this was being returned. In fact, the colors are a little more versatile as while the predominant color is yellow, there are also nude/blush pink and white. I actually wore this necklace today! It’s also one of the more expensive items I’ve received ($46 retail) and one that warrants the price tag.


Status: Both kept!

Overall impressions:

This collection reinforced my already firm belief that Wantable accessories are well worth the $36/$40 a month price and seem to have really nailed the accessories subscription box idea. I am loving all the collections and pieces I’ve received. I can’t wait for June’s!

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.

Stitch Fix: Reveal and Review – May 2016

So this Fix was incredibly exciting due to my style note…


It seems that Stitch Fix and my lovely stylist Tina have actually checked out this blog! That totally made my day when I read the note. Hi Tina if you’re reading this! 🙂

If the style note wasn’t exciting enough, the fact that this fix also contained my very first pair of Stitch Fix shoes was the icing on the cake! I haven’t been this excited about a fix since my very first box. Likewise, I saw a lot of color and some pretty florals on first glance so knew this would be a good one.

Let’s see what was inside…

Steven Genna Suede Lace Up Flat – $119

So here they are – my very first Stitch Fix shoes! I really liked these shoes – they were a perfect fit and the suede was really good quality. However, the lace up feature was a bit odd to me. I know that this look is on trend, but to me the laces just dig in to my flesh and look a bit bizarre. If the shoes hadn’t had the lace ups, and were significantly cheaper (I’m not spending over $100 on flats!), I’d probably have kept them. But that’s quite a few ifs.

IMG_3040     IMG_3041

Status: Returned

Fate Ruby Maxi Dress – $78

So this was the floral pattern that caught my eye when I peeked a look at my box. The dress did not disappoint. Feminine and airy, perfect for a romantic date in the heat of summer! I love the pattern (although a bit too much grass green for my liking), and the material was lovely and light. The slits up the side and lace up back made it a bit more risqué than your average maxi and therefore, made it feel a bit younger and sexier! I ummed and ahhed over keeping this, mainly because I didn’t know when I would wear it, but in the end, I decided it was too lovely a dress to send back.

IMG_3026   IMG_3028   IMG_3032

Outfit details:

Sandals (Steve Madden)

Earrings (Accessorize)

Status: Kept!                

Gilli Gary Dress – $68

This is my third Gilli dress in as many fixes – clearly my stylist knows these are a hit! As with my other two dresses I’ve received (read about them here and here), this fit me perfectly! The neckline is very flattering and the material excellent quality. However, while I like the green color, the beige stripes kinda ruined it for me. It just felt a little too old for me. It was a shame and I’d love to try a similar dress in a different color.

IMG_3004   IMG_3007

Outfit details:

Nude Flats (Target)

Earrings (Wantable)

Status: Returned

Le Lis Dursley Lace Detail Blouse – $44

What a gorgeous top! I love the lace detailing and the color – it’s vibrant and fresh. However, what a terrible fit! This top was way too big (and as it’s already an x-small there’s no option to size down). I’ve found Stitch Fix tops to be consistently large. It’s odd seeing as all the dresses I get are smalls and fit perfectly. All the tops are x-small and predominantly too big! It’s a little frustrating as I really wanted to keep this top!

IMG_2992   IMG_2993

Outfit details:

Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace (Stitch Fix)

Skinny Jeggings (American Eagle)

Status: Returned

Papermoon Bart Scoop Neck Blouse – $48

Hmmmm – not a fan of this top! It was a weird fit (tight by my elbows weirdly!) and the pattern is not very me! It reminded my husband of the blouses bank workers back in the UK used to wear. While yellow is one of my favorite colors, this yellow was neither a lemon coolness or vibrant mustard – just a weird in between that reminded me of old paint. Nope!


Outfit details:

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans (Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned

Overall impressions:

This box was a mixed bag – I loved the maxi, the shoes and the Le Lis top, but the Gilli dress was just off the mark for the stripes and the Papermoon was not me at all. However, I had a lot of fun as always! I can’t wait to wear my new maxi out and I will definitely be requesting more shoes. Thanks Tina!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.