Wantable Accessories: Reveal and review – May 2016

This month brought another fabulous Wantable accessories collection. I requested fun spring jewelry in my favorite colors: yellow, pink or turquoise and another pair of sunglasses. This collection came without a personal note from my stylist (I have no idea why) but the items did not disappoint…

Here’s what turned up…

Bryn Sunglasses – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $6.80

Another great pair of glasses (and an absolute bargain price!). These are a little oversized for my liking but seem like good quality for $6 and the reality of the situation is I lose or break sunglasses on a pretty regular basis. A pair of back-ups couldn’t go amiss!


Status: Kept

 Corinne Bracelet – Retail: $26  Wantable price: $10.40

Gorgeous!!! This bracelet is beautiful and a pretty close match to the necklace and earrings I received in my March accessories collection (read all about it here). The fact that the bracelet is stretchy is great as it actually fits my skinny little wrists. A keeper.


Status: Kept

 Terressa Earrings– Retail: $11  Wantable price: $4.40

I love these studs! So much more interesting than your average pair of stud earrings and a beautiful bold yellow stone. Plus they are a perfect match for the…

Blair Necklace – Retail: $46  Wantable price: $18.40

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this necklace! It’s very similar to the turquoise necklace I liked in my March collection, but seeing as I wear that one all the time and absolutely love it, there was no way this was being returned. In fact, the colors are a little more versatile as while the predominant color is yellow, there are also nude/blush pink and white. I actually wore this necklace today! It’s also one of the more expensive items I’ve received ($46 retail) and one that warrants the price tag.


Status: Both kept!

Overall impressions:

This collection reinforced my already firm belief that Wantable accessories are well worth the $36/$40 a month price and seem to have really nailed the accessories subscription box idea. I am loving all the collections and pieces I’ve received. I can’t wait for June’s!

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.

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