Wantable Accessories: Reveal and Review – June 2016

So it seems Wantable style notes are a thing of the past! That being said, this month brought some cute items and versatile pieces that I can see myself wearing regularly.

Here’s what turned up…

Lorna Sunglasses – Retail (who knows – this has disappeared too!) Wantable price: $9.45

I think I’ve got enough sunglasses having received three pairs now! However, these are another great pair with a simple tortoise frame. I like the 50s style shape – it’s a bit different but also very classy.


Status: Kept

 Bailey Watch Mint – Wantable price: $10.55

I LOVE this watch. The color is gorgeous and very ‘in’ right now. The actual dials and shape of the face is very stylish. The glass part by the digits is transparent which is a cool feature and gives it quite a modern feel. The only bad thing about this watch is, at present, it doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure that’s just a case of getting a battery put into it and I just haven’t got round to doing that. It’s worth the gamble as it’s so pretty.


Status: Kept

 Nicky Necklace Silver – Wantable price: $9.82

Another fabulous statement necklace from Wantable. This is great, as being predominantly silver in color, it is more versatile than some of the other statement pieces I’ve received. The necklace features clear stones and metal tassels. It’s a keeper!


Jan Necklace Silver – Wantable price: $6.18

This is the only ‘meh’ piece in my opinion in the box. I’m not overly blown away by it on first impressions but the simple style of the necklace, and the fact that I could really do with a new pendant style necklace after my three year old just snapped my favorite one, means I’m keeping it.


Status: Kept

Overall impressions:

Another great box from Wantable. The only criticism I really have is that the service seems to be getting increasingly less personal. For example, in this box, there is no copy of the style note I made, nothing at all from the stylist, and now bizarrely, they have removed the retail prices too. I don’t really understand the latter especially as it actually says the total value is $99. It makes me think it’s a mistake. However, even that shouldn’t happen. It makes me a little nervous about how personalized these boxes are, but while they’re still sending stuff I love, I’m happy to keep it up for another month. Watch this space!


If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.



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