Stitch Fix: Reveal and Review – July 2016

It’s been a while since I received a fix as I postponed my July box until this week due to spending three weeks in UK visiting family. We had a fabulous, albeit exhausting, trip but it was lovely to come home, brightened somewhat by my July fix arriving only a few days later. Through being away on vacation, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on my Pinterest board or writing my note to my stylist. I asked for a romper and a dress for work, and if possible the Loveappella Zola dress (which I’ve since found out you can just buy at Nordstrom!) so my stylist had a little less to work with. Nevertheless, she did a fabulous job.

Here’s what came in July….

Gilli Trista Faux Wrap Jersey Dress – $68

This is my fourth Gilli dress and I am yet to be disappointed. While the pattern is a little more mature than I would normally go for, the color, style, fit and length are perfect for school. For those reasons, this dress is a keeper and I know I will wear it loads. Maybe a more mature dress isn’t a bad idea either!

IMG_3527    IMG_3532

Outfit details:

Romolo Delta Geo Metal Necklace  (Stitch Fix)

Nude flats (Target)

 Status: Kept


Dex Jaeson Romper – $68

I asked for a fun romper for date night and my stylist Tina delivered. She also mentioned in her note how hot it gets in South Carolina so she knew this would be perfect for the weather. Yes – spot on again Tina! However, despite this, and the fact that I think it does look quite cute on, I could not escape the thought that I was going out in my underwear/pyjamas! I think it’s the fact it doesn’t have sleeves and is so lightweight, it feels like there’s not much there! That’s a deal breaker for me so sadly, it’s going back. I paired this romper with a cuff bracelet and a pair of cute sandals (per Tina’s instructions!).

IMG_3535    IMG_3542

Outfit details:

Bracelet (It was a gift – I have no idea where from!)

Darrah Gladiator Sandals (Dolce Vita)

Status: Returned


Loveappella Vinson Knit Wrap Dress – $74

So this dress was sent to me because the Zola dress I asked for wasn’t in stock and it’s similar. I don’t really like it to be honest and I thought the price was really expensive for the quality of the product. It was very flimsy and really just nothing special. Will hold out for a Zola (or buy it at Nordstrom – more likely).

IMG_3521    IMG_3523

Outfit details:

Black flats (Target)

Status: Returned


Moon and Sky Harmen Crochet Trim Detail Knit Top – $54

When I took this top out of the box, I sighed. It looked like another ill-fitting, much too large, top that I loved the look of but expected not to fit. Well, it is a bit big, but it’s actually really flattering and comfy on. While it’s loose, it’s loose in all the right places and, consequently, looks lovely on. This was a pleasant surprise. The colors, pattern and crochet detailing are really feminine which suit me down to a tee.


Outfit details:

Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean (Stitch Fix)

Status: Kept


Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean – $88

Mint jeans!!! I had requested some ages ago and then kinda gave up. What a surprise to see this gorgeous pop of color when I opened my box. My first impressions was OMG these are seriously green! Like very green! Like in your face, can’t escape the glare, need to put some shades on green! I was a little hesitant to be honest. I love color but this much on my legs felt odd. So I took to facebook to seek some advice. The compliments started rolling in (thanks ladies!) and I started playing around with what I could style them with. This was SO much fun. By the end of the fashion show, I knew there was no way these were going back. Here’s some of the outfits I put together. Let me know your favorite in the comments below!

Outfit no. 1 (what Tina suggested):

IMG_3510    IMG_3511

Top (Moon and Sky Harmen Crochet Trim Detail Knit Top – Stitch Fix)

Darrah Gladiator Sandals (Dolce Vita)


Outfit no. 2:


Skies are Blue Topanga Crochet Detail Flutter Sleeve Blouse (Stitch Fix)

Watch (Wantable)

Necklace (Wantable)

Darrah Gladiator Sandals (Dolce Vita)


Outfit no. 3:

IMG_3498    IMG_3503

Papermoon Localli Mixed Material Top (Stitch Fix)

Necklace (Wantable)

Watch (Wantable)

Darrah Gladiator Sandals (Dolce Vita)


Outfit no. 4:


Top (Oasis)

Necklace (Wantable)

Watch (Wantable)

Darrah Gladiator Sandals (Dolce Vita)

Status: Kept!


Overall impressions:

Wow – what a fabulous fix! It was close to being a 5/5 again and I really love some of the items this month. I can’t wait for the weather to cool down here so I can rock those jeans, although I can wait for school to return to wear the dress! For my next fix, I have asked for ‘professional attire only’ and have been very ambiguous – no specific things listed. I can’t wait to see what Tina comes up with! Until next month…

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.


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