Wantable Accessories: Reveal and review – August 2016

After a month’s break from Wantable (simply because we were in the UK), I was happy to see this box of goodies arrive on my doorstep. And it seems the stylist notes are back. It’s very confusing that the last one had nothing and now I have an incredibly personalized one. While the notes may be inconsistent, the pieces they keep sending are consistently wonderful! In the note, this month’s stylist Kiley, referred to my request for pale pink jewelry and a nude clutch I made a few months back, and she delivered spectacularly!

Here’s what turned up…

Rae Necklace Silver – Retail price: $17.00 Wantable price: $6.51

LOVE! My favorite item this month by far! This is just the cutest statement necklace I now own. And for a ridiculously cheap $6.51. I honestly have no idea how they get prices this cheap for such good pieces. I love this necklace. It’s so girly and the color is perfect – champagne is the description they give it. Sublime!


Status: Kept


 Janice Earrings Silver – Retail price: $17.00 Wantable price: $6.51 (Top row in the picture)

Another beautiful pair of studs. These earrings feature a rhinestone border with an opaque white stone. A really versatile pair.

 Raee Earrings Silver – Retail price: $14.00 Wantable price: $5.36 (Bottom row in the picture)

Now these are clearly the matching set of earrings for the necklace, so I will overlook what must be a typo in the name. Needless to say they are super cute. The pricing is again confusing – how these are only $1 less than the necklace bamboozles me (but I’m not complaining here!).


Status: Both kept



Naomi Bracelet Silver – Retail price: $19.00 Wantable price: $7.28

This is a cute cuff bracelet. I’m amazed it’s more expensive than some of the other items as I think it’s the worst quality. The cuff is adjustable which means people with skinny wrists like myself can actually wear it. However, the adjustable nature of it means I don’t think it’s going to last long as it will easily become misshapen. It’s not worth returning really so I am keeping it.


Status: Kept


Brooklyn Wallet Tan – Retail price: $27.00 Wantable price: $10.34

My bonus 5th item! I love this little wallet which could easily double up as a clutch. If I was being picky, I’d love it to have a wrist strap just so it could transition to evening more easily. However, it’s a neutral color and I can see it getting a lot of use.


Status: Kept


Overall impressions:

Another great box from Wantable worth a whopping $94! I’m impressed that they went back to a request I made a few months back. Everything I have been receiving has fitted my style perfectly. I think I am going to have to skip next month simply because I’m getting a bit swamped in accessories as I keep everything!

Until next time…

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.

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