Stitch Fix: Reveal and review – October 2016

As I sit down to write this month’s review, I am reminded very much of my homeland – the UK. We are sat housebound due to the wind and rain hitting NC from Hurricane Matthew. It’s actually rather cozy and luckily for us, the stormy weather is nowhere near as bad as some places are getting right now. However, I thought I would take advantage of the rain and take some time for myself and share this month’s fall fix. This month I was very vague in my style note sharing my dismal ability to put together cute and casual fall outfits. I asked for neutral layers that might point me in the right direction and another pair of skinny jeans. I did ask Tina if I could try a new brand as my Just Black jeans are losing their shape.

So let’s see what Tina sent this month…

Liverpool Kay Skinny Jean – $88

I’ve had one pair of Liverpool jeans in past fixes which I did not like due to the legging style waistband. These however, I love! They’re ridiculously comfy and stretchy. Very tight but I think this is a good thing if I want them to stay that way. They are almost too long, and I have long legs, but better too long than too short. They also look awesome with my favorite top from this fix…

Market & Spruce Canby Faux Suede Elbow Patch Knit Top – $54

When I opened the box, I loved this top but thought it was a bit too big and was planning on sending it straight back. However, when I put it together with the jeans and one of my favorite pairs of boots, it was just too cute! It’s overpriced for what is essentially a t-shirt, but the elbow patch color, and really just the fact it has elbow patches, meant it ended up in my closet.

img_3904    img_3907


Outfit details:

Boots (Aldo – find similar here)

Status: Both kept       


Market & Spruce Finlee Striped Pullover – $68

This was a really close maybe. It’s super comfy and I love how long the arms are. It looks cute with leggings and skinny jeans, and I could see myself snuggling up in this when winter comes. However, what put me off was the color and stripes. I’m not a massive fan of black on top as I think it’s too dark with my dark hair and pale skin. If it had been the exact same cut and material in a plain neutral cream color, I would have bought it immediately.

img_3930    img_3933

Outfit details:

Just Black Connely Skinny Jean (Stitch Fix)

Brown flats (Target)

Status: Returned


Papermoon Harni Cutout Detail Knit Top – $48

I really am not a fan of this top. Predominantly due to the color – I just do not think it suits me. At all. The cutout back is kinda cute but not really my thing. The fit is terrible. Just generally a big fat no. I also realized post photo shoot that I forgot to take off my new fitbit (which I love if nothing more than to prove to my husband why I need to go to bed at the hours I do!)

img_3923    img_3928

Outfit details:

Liverpool Kay Skinny Jean (Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Skies are Blue Brilla Open Cardigan – $58

Every box I seem to get an item I’m really unsure on whether to keep or not. Generally it comes down to my mood that day and how the bank balance is doing. This was that piece. I could see myself wrapped up on the couch wearing this in winter. I liked the scallop cut on the front of the cardigan. The color is neutral but I felt a bit old for me. The material is soft. The length is great. Lots of positives. After I saw the photos from the shoot, I was even more tempted to keep it. In the end, I decided to send it back. Hopefully I will get a similar cut cardigan in a different color in next month’s fix instead (or I may regret my decision!).


Outfit details:

Liverpool Kay Skinny Jean (Stitch Fix)

White Cami (Oasis)

Brown flats (Target)

Status: Returned (hopefully I won’t regret this!)


Overall impressions:

This was an ok fix. I am content with it and think Tina did a good job on how vague my note was. I’m going to try and be a bit more specific next time. I haven’t given up on the idea of getting more casual fall layers in my next box – it’s definitely an area of my wardrobe that is a bit bare. Next month, not only am I getting a box, but my husband is also trialing the Stitch Fix men collection. I am excited about both and will be sure to share both on the blog. Be sure to check back next month for those reveal and reviews…

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.

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