About me

Hi, I’m Becky. Wife. Mummy. High School English teacher. And now, blogger/vlogger, known as ‘Miss Fix Mix’, documenting my journey into the world of fashion. I am NOT a fashionista. I am NOT even particularly fashionable but I do try to put together pieces that will stand the test of time. Effortlessly classy. Comfortable yet chic. Well, that’s what I’m going for! But I’m a real person who has a full time job and two girls under three. My hair is scraped back into a ponytail every day of the week, mascara is the only make up I put on and I live in jeans, t-shirts and flip flops. I don’t go to the mall (it’s impossible with my toddler who claims to ‘love shopping’ but this is code for ‘splash in the fountains, pull clothes off hangers and run into as many people as possible’). But I want to look nice. It makes me feel good. It gives me confidence. It brings a smile to my face (and my husband’s!). But how could I change what had quickly become a reality?

When my second baby was born, two things happened to kick start this change. The first evening we went on a date night post baby, I got ready. Straightened my hair. Applied some make up. Put on a nice dress and a pair of heels. I walked in to kiss my eldest goodnight as her daddy was reading her a story to be greeted with “Wow! Mummy’s a princess!” It melted my heart. This was step one. I wanted to look like a princess every day! Step two. Pinterest. In the long evenings and middle of night feeds with my new baby, I lived on Pinterest. And there I discovered Stitch Fix. I kept seeing pins with the Stitch Fix tag. At first I thought this must be some kind of sewing club (true story) until I looked further. I signed up there and then. And then I found Trendsend. And Wantable. And Ipsy. It goes on…

Subscription boxes began piling up outside my front door. Cute tops, dresses, jeans, necklaces made their way into my wardrobe all without me having to leave the house and I started to experiment with putting these things together. I mixed my fixes. And so ‘Fix Mix’ was born.


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