The Battle of the Boxes

Confused about which styling service you should try? Here’s a simple table to help make the decision easier…the opinions are mine and based on my experience and my personal likes/dislikes only.

Stitch Fix Trendsend Wantable Style Edit
Is there a styling fee? $20 – non-refundable but applied to anything you purchase $0 $20 – non-refundable but applied to anything you purchase
How many items do you receive? 5 It varies. You receive 2-3 complete outfits. 5
Are accessories included? Yes Yes No – Wantable have a separate accessories subscription service
Can you exchange for a different size? Yes – if it’s available Yes No
Can you exchange for a different color? No Yes No
How many days do you get to try on the items before you need to ‘check out’? 3 5 5
Do you receive a discount if you keep your entire box? Yes – 25% keep all discount No 20% keep all discount
What brands are featured? Examples:

Kut from the cloth


Daniel Rainn

Plus Stitch Fix in-house labels such as Pixley and 41 Hawthorn


Kut from the cloth


Allison Joy


BB Dakota

Click here for a full list



French Connection

7 For All Mankind

BB Dakota


Wooden Ships Hudson

Waverly Grey

How regularly can you receive boxes? Every 2-3 weeks

Every month

Every other month

Every three months

Every month OR whenever you request one Every month (you can skip a month if you wish)
What are the unique features of this box? Style cards show you two different ways to style the outfit Linked to an actual store meaning size exchanges and color swaps are easy. You can also buy anything you don’t receive in your box. Hmmm…
What is customer service like? Excellent Excellent Wouldn’t do a size exchange so not as accommodating as Trendsend or Stitch Fix.
Pros Excellent customer service

Style cards

Highly personal notes from stylists with the opportunity to keep your stylist from month to month

25% keep all discount

Very flexible subscription options

Offers items on sale

Linked to store for easy exchanges

Complete outfits sent

Can request a one-off box without committing to a subscription


20% keep all discount

The box it comes in is fabulous!

Cons Even if you request an item, you can’t be sure you will receive it.

I had fit issues with the first few boxes and some really ‘off’ stuff sent. You have to persevere as it definitely gets better with time!


Expensive. If you were to keep your entire box, it would easily be $500-$1000!

As you can see all the items on the Evereve website, it’s less exciting than Stitch Fix where you have no idea what you could receive!

I personally thought the quality of the clothing was very poor


Overall impressions The original and my personal favorite! I love the element of surprise, the personal notes from your stylist, how closely they look at your Pinterest board and the style of the clothes. I love the fact you get entire outfits and sale items. However, it’s a bit too expensive for me and not really my style. Definitely more ‘boho chic’ and ‘edgy’ than Stitch Fix. Not a fan. I thought it was poor quality clothing and impersonal (both the stylist’s note, styling advice and customer service).


Rating (out of 10) 9…it’d be 10 if it was a little cheaper! 7…mainly due to style 3…not impressed!
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2015 fall and winter essentials

Fall is finally here in North Carolina and as the winter months and darker evenings creep in, I have finally put together my ‘wardrobe must haves’ for the next few months ready to share with you. Here is my 2015 fall and winter essential wardrobe. All items I own and use regularly to mix up my fixes as you can see in ‘The Fix Mix’ where I add my more unique and stand out pieces that I receive in my different subscription boxes to spice things up. This list is your go-to foolproof-fashion guide. There are endless possibilities with the items below and you will see most come from stores such as Target making it easy and affordable to put together an effortlessly classy wardrobe. I’ve included the links to where I bought these items to make it even easier.

Fall and winter essentials2


  1. White Camisole – H&M – $5.99
  2. Black Camisole – H&M – $5.99 
  3. White tee – Abercrombie & Fitch – $15
  4. Black tee – Abercrombie & Fitch – $15
  5. Pixley George Crochet Detail Knit Top – Stitch Fix – $44 –
  6. Plaid button down – H&M – $29.99 
  7. Chambray button down – Target – $22.99 
  8. White button down – Target – $16.99 
  9. Braeve Printed tunic – Trendsend – $24.99. 
  10. Polka dot sweater – New Look – $30. It’s a UK brand and I bought this in the sales a few years ago. However, Stitch Fix currently have a similar polka dot sweater.
  11. Navy blue layering cardigan – Target – $22.99 
  12. Yellow layering cardigan – Target – $22.99 
  13. Gray layering cardigan – Forever 21 – A few years old. You can buy similar at Target for $22.99 
  14. Cozy sweater – American Eagle Outfitters – from 2014. Here’s a similar one for $44.95 
  15. Just Black Adorra Skinny Jean in dark navy – Stitch Fix – $88
  16. Just Black Connely Skinny Jean in black – Stitch Fix – $78 
  17. White jeggings – American Eagle Outfitters – $44.95 
  18. Black open drape cardigan – Marshalls – You can buy similar at Target for $22.99 
  19. Basic black leggings – H&M – $9.99
  20. Faux leather leggings – New Look – $30. It’s a UK brand and these are old! However, these leggings are everywhere at the moment. Stitch Fix have some amongst other places.
  21. Faux Leather jacket – Target – $44.99
  22. Navy Sherpa lined vest – Abercrombie & Fitch – old but you can buy similar here for $80
  23. Brown flats – Target – $16.99 
  24. Black flats – Target – $13.99
  25. Faux Suede Slouched Gray booties – Express – $59.99
  26. Brown flat leather boots – Aldo – $130

Happy mixing!