Wantable Accessories Collection: Reveal and review – March 2016

So those of you who have followed the blog for a while may remember that I have had two unsuccessful wantable style edits and one wantable fitness edit (slightly more successful). I’ve since cancelled those subscriptions – the style edits were nowhere near as good as Stitch Fix and I just don’t work out enough for a monthly fitness fix! However, I have always liked the company so this month I thought I would trial the accessories collection. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

So the accessories collection, like the style and fitness edits, works on a monthly subscription basis. Each month you pay $40 (or $36 if you kept everything the previous month) and receive 4-5 stylist accessories straight to your door. Just like the style and fitness edits, you complete an online profile first which allows you to specify what you love, like and dislike (you’ll only ever receive items you like or love) along with colors, styles, and sizes (e.g. necklace length). You also have the chance to leave a note for your stylist what what you would like this month (or an ongoing general note).

For my first ever collection, I requested jewellery in spring colors – coral, pale pink/rose gold, mint/turquoise, or yellow. I said I would prefer necklaces and bracelets and would love some glamorous sunglasses.

Here’s what turned up this weekend…


Nancy Necklace – Retail: $36  Wantable price: $14.26

OMG – I love this necklace SO much! It literally could not be more perfect! The colors are stunning and EXACTLY what I was looking for. Perfectly perfect!!!



Status: Kept

Emily Earrings (studs) – Retail: $26  Wantable price: $10.30

At first I thought these studs were a bit dull, until I realized the halo around them was interchangeable. Super cool! Classic style with a bit of added glamour with the halo. Love!


Status: Kept

 Lori Drop Earrings – Retail: $22  Wantable price: $8.71

A stunning set of earrings which coincidentally is a perfect color and style match for the Nancy necklace. Loved them the minute I opened the box!


Status: Kept

 Jenny Necklace Long Silver – Retail: $17  Wantable price: $6.73

A delicate necklace featuring a hammered metal vertical bar design. Simple but stylish. I can see me wearing this a lot to add a pretty detail to plain tops and sweaters.


Status: Kept

Overall impressions:

I LOVE Wantable accessories! They make the Stitch Fix jewellery look seriously overpriced in comparison (I’ll be removing that from my style profile ASAP). The quality of each item was superb and amazing for the price. I love every item and will definitely be keeping this subscription going. I can’t wait to see what April brings.

If you want to try Wantable Accessories, click here.


Stitch Fix: Reveal and Review – March 2016

March brought my ‘replacement fix’ after two complete flops (read January 2016 and February 2016 reviews here). After emailing back and forth with customer service, I updated my style profile, tweaked my Pinterest board and left an INCREDIBLY detailed and specific style note for my new stylist.

Here is the result…

Dex Ramuz Lace Back Blouse – $54

So in my stylist note, I specified my love for both pink, florals and lace – well this has all three! I really liked this top. It’s young, the zipper detail down the front makes it feel quite ‘trendy’ and the floral pattern is cute – all the things I love. The lace detailing down the back makes it a bit more ‘sexy’ and ‘edgy’. The only reason I’m returning this is it’s a little too big and the cut out lace back means I can’t wear it to work which means it just won’t get enough use for the $54 price tag. Here is it paired with my next item…

Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jean – $108

A fabulous pair of white jeans! They are super comfy and I could tell great quality too from the moment I slipped them on. However, I am returning these due to the fact that I already have a great pair of skinny white jeans. They are also a little too big round the ankles (a constant problem of mine with skinny jeans).

IMG_2234      IMG_2238

Status: Both returned   

Kut From The Kloth Piere Faux Leather Jacket -$108

In my note, I said how much I love mint color that is around this spring. I specifically wanted mint skinny jeans but my stylist informed me they are currently not in stock in my size. However, she did send this gorgeous mint faux leather jacket as an alternative. I love the color, love the style and love how it fits, but I just can’t justify the price tag especially on something that may not be ‘in style’ next spring. Here it is paired with the skinny jeans from this fix.

IMG_2223      IMG_2227

Outfit details:

Gray Striped Tee (Marshalls)

Nude Flats (Target)

Status: Returned


Collective Concepts Katelynn Printed Dress – $78

Another great way I could mix n match this fix was to pair this dress with the Kut From The Kloth faux leather jacket (as suggested by my stylist). I don’t think I would have thought of this myself but it seems to work! The dress is cute – the pattern and style is feminine, and the material is very soft. However, I don’t think this fit is particularly flattering on me. It may have looked better if I sized down but it definitely makes me look a bit bigger than I am.

IMG_2242   IMG_2245

Outfit details:

Nude Flats (Target)

Status: Returned


Skies are Blue Grindewald Henley Blouse – $54

In my note, I requested a fitted white blouse that could be paired with skirts for work. My stylist told me that while this was not fitted, she thought I’d love it. Well I do! Classic, neutral, pretty detailing of the stripes on the sleeves, versatile, this top is great! I’ve already worn it and received several compliments so it’s a keeper! Here it is paired with my favorite Stitch Fix jeans…

IMG_2253   IMG_2255

Outfit details:

Just Black Andorra Jeans (Stitch Fix)

Status: Kept!

Overall impressions:

So while I only kept one item from this box, I consider it a success as so much was very close! My new stylist clearly paid attention to my note, Pinterest board and style profile, as everything that was sent I could see myself wearing. I also liked how so much could be mixed and matched. This often doesn’t happen with Stitch Fix but when it does, it’s fab! It’s probably a good thing this fix wasn’t perfect as even with the keep 5 discount, this box would have cost me $281.50 to keep it all. Stitch Fix have redeemed themselves. It shows how much difference a good stylist makes and the importance of being very specific with your profile. Here’s to next month!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.



Stitch Fix reveal and review – February 2016

So if you read my January review, you will know that I had a pretty shocking fix! You can read the review again here. As a result, I postponed my February one until the end of the month and requested a different stylist. Well…that did not work!!!

For this box, I requested spring and summer clothes as we’re heading to Florida in a couple weeks and it’s already heating up here. Winter is short (thankfully!) so I’m happy to be hanging up the coats for another year and digging out my flip flops! I love summer clothes – cute dresses, short shorts, summer sandals, bright colors – what’s not to love?! Well unfortunately, most of this fix!

So on that note, let’s check out what February brought…

Gilli Juri Maxi Dress – $78

Now this was promising. I really like the colors (if a little bright) and the cut out back is super cute – really sexy and perfect for date nights in the sun. But I just didn’t love it enough for the price. Because of the back, I couldn’t wear it to school and I only tend to wear maxi dresses on vacation so I just don’t think this would get enough wear. It’s a shame as I do quite like it. I would definitely be interested in trying another Gilli maxi in the future (especially if on sale!).

IMG_2038   IMG_2039

Outfit details:

Sandals (Steve Madden – find similar here)

Necklace (Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned        


Romolo Parkside Stone Bauble Necklace  – $34

My stylist told me to pair the necklace with the maxi which on paper makes complete sense. However, if you look closely, the colors don’t quite go. I know it’s minor but it would bother me! I was also not sold on the rope style chain – not quite my style. Otherwise I love the mint color that is around this spring. In fact, I’ve requested mint jeans in my next fix so watch this space!


Status: Returned


Papermoon Dorset Tie Neck Top – $44

I HATE THIS TOP! I had requested florals because I like them. A lot. They’re pretty and feminine. What I don’t like are super loose, weird fitting tops. I also don’t like tassels. This has both! You can see from the side shot how weird the fit is. While it looks better with jeans, my stylist told me to pair it with the Kut from the Kloth shorts – this is why I wanted a different stylist. It is the worst combination ever! Weird boy shorts with a girly blouse thing. NO. Horrible color combination. Horrible fit. Just so horrible!!! Ewwwwwwwww.

IMG_2073  IMG_2079   IMG_2080

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Kut from the Kloth Elliot Cargo Pocket Short – $58

To continue…..ewwwwwww. I like my shorts short. Because if I don’t wear short shorts, I look like a boy. So in this photo, I look like a boy. Add the horrible army green color. Boy. SO far removed from anything I would ever wear. Every single note I write, I put that I’m a girly girl – pink, florals, skirts, dresses – NOT CARGO SHORTS! EVER!!!


Don’t even need to add this but…

Status: Returned


THML Chana Dress – $68

At first I thought this was a bit boring but, on reflection, I feel like it has a lot of potential. I would need to size down as it’s just too big and therefore is a bit shapeless on me I feel. The embroidery is really pretty and the neckline and collar different (in a good way!). My stylist said this could double up as a cover up on the beach which would totally work for anyone who doesn’t go to the beach with toddlers. So I was tempted but again I just didn’t love it enough to keep.

IMG_2057   IMG_2060


Outfit details:

Sandals (Steve Madden – find similar here)


Overall impressions:

Another pretty terrible fix. In fact, I was so frustrated that my stylist completely disregarded my note and Pinterest board that I wrote to complain to Stitch Fix. The fact that I asked for a different stylist and got the same one proves that they did not read my note. As a result, I am getting a ‘make up’ box for free this week. Stitch Fix are sending me another fix, minus the styling fee, to make amends. They gave me a few pointers on how to get the best boxes (some I already do e.g. Pinterest, while others are new, list favorite stores/celebs in your profile). So while my stylist completely bombed, Stitch Fix customer service came out on top. I have been INCREDIBLY detailed and specific in my new note to my new stylist so I’m hoping he/she comes through for me. Stay tuned!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.



Stitch Fix: Reveal and Review – January 2016

Stitch Fix reveal and review – January 2016

We are ‘snowed in’ in Charlotte. I use the term ‘snowed in’ loosely as really there is a sprinkling of snow covering far more dangerous ice. The South cannot cope with snow in the slightest but I’m not complaining as it meant a day off school and lots of play time with my girls. It also gives me a chance to update y’all (in true Southern spirit) with my latest Stitch Fix review.

A new year and a new Stitch Fix box! I was really looking forward to this box as I actually had some Stitch Fix credit courtesy of a gift card from my mum for Christmas. And as luck would have it, this would be the time that I get a box I really, really disliked! Half the items I only tried on for the purpose of this review (that’s how much I disliked it!).

So let’s check out what January brought…

Street Level Audrey Metal Detail Crossbody Bag – $58

I requested a cross body bag in my stylist note this month in a neutral color. I did get what I asked for (I now wish I’d specified brown/tan as that was what was in my mind!). The faux leather is nice and the actual design cute but there were a few issues which I felt meant it was not worth the $58 price tag. My main bugbear was the straps – they are a really cheap looking gold, quite disgusting. Secondly, the straps are too short. The bag does not hit where I would like it to so this bag is going back!


Status: Returned        

RD Style Bea Fleece Lined Skirt – $44

This I debated keeping as I really do quite like it. It’s a cute pattern (you can’t quite see this in the photos) and the fleece lining makes it warm for winter. I also like the burgundy color. However, it was just too small. When I got it out the box, it looked like it was meant for a child, and a small one at that! Amazingly, it stretched and fit but just showed everything! I know I won’t end up wearing a skirt that accentuates my mummy tummy!


Outfit details:

Necklace (Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix)

Blouse (Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse from Stitch Fix)

Black booties (Forever 21)

Status: Returned


Papermoon Atoka Printed Knit Top – $48

I asked for tunics and tops that could be worn with leggings in my note. This is what my stylist chose. Yes it does fit the description, but it doesn’t suit me! It’s way too old – I joined Stitch Fix to update my wardrobe and give it a bit of a makeover. This top is not even close to what I’m looking for and I strongly dislike the pattern. The photos actually make it seem quite cute…it’s not!


Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Skinny Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Booties (Express)

Status: Returned


Crescent Kelie Trim Detail Tunic – $54

Another massive fail by my stylist. In her note, she said to make sure I add a belt to give more structure but that it would add ‘a flattering pop of style’. Errr….no it’s doesn’t. Nothing about this ‘pops’. It’s not particularly interesting, has a weird tassel style neck detail which reminds me of a swim cover up, and is really rather large. My stylist said she filled this box with ‘cheery pieces’ – I would love to know what is even remotely cheery about this piece. Going back!


Outfit details:

Leggings (Abercrombie)

Status: Returned


Margaret M Emer Jacquard Print Tall Straight Leg Pant – $98

I was quite looking forward to trying a pair of Emers. They’re really popular in the Stitch Fix Facebook groups for their cute designs and comfort. I agree with the pattern being fun. They were a good length on me and I liked the outfit I put together. Definitely something I could wear to school. However, I did not think the material was that soft. They were a little stiff and slightly too big around the knee (weird I know but it would bother me!). For the price, these would need to be perfect. I also think that while the pattern is cute, it’s not something that I would get a lot of wear out of. I’m glad I got to see what all the fuss was about, even if I’m not jumping on the Emer bandwagon anytime soon.

IMG_0634   IMG_0640

Outfit details:

Necklace (Bancroft Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace from Stitch Fix)

Blouse (Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse from Stitch Fix)

Black flats (Target)


Overall impressions:

A pretty disappointing fix. The skirt, Emers and bag could have worked if it wasn’t for size issues and if the price had reflected the quality better. While I am going to break up with my stylist, I’m not breaking up with Stitch Fix. The first fix Jessica styled for me was amazing (check out my review here) but since then she just hasn’t lived up to my expectations. I am therefore hoping it’s a stylist thing and not a Stitch Fix thing. Yes I lost my $20 styling fee this month (for the first time), but that’s the gamble with using a service like this. I have decided to skip next month for a couple reasons: I need to actually earn some money to warrant spending so much on clothes and I don’t really want any more winter clothes as Spring will be here soon in NC. One thing I think Stitch Fix should spend some time thinking about is the age of their clientele. If there’s a way to get more younger and fun clothes, I’d love to hear it!

To find out how Stitch Fix works, click here.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.


Wantable Style Edit: Reveal and Review – December 2015

Wantable style edit: December 2015

Those of you who are regular readers of my blog may remember my first experience of Wantable (you can read that review here). I loved the actual box and that was about it! So I cancelled my subscription straight after returning my items. However, as the New Year came along, Wantable sent me an email saying they would waive my styling fee (normally $20) if I wanted to receive the December Style Edit. I had nothing to lose – a free try on of five items at no cost to me unless I decided to keep one. While these items were a much better fit than the first box, and my stylist note was ‘slightly’ more personal, the quality still does not compare to Stitch Fix. I don’t think I’m sold quite yet (and I’m not sure any more free boxes will change my mind!).

On to the items…

French Connection Classic Polly Plains Sleeveless Top – $48

Now this top I was excited to receive as French Connection is a brand I’m familiar with and one I’ve bought from in the past. It’s a gorgeous cobalt blue and the material is superb. I was really tempted to keep this but just didn’t think, what is effectively a plain tank, was worth the price tag. $10 less and I would have bought it!

IMG_1710   IMG_1714

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Connelly Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned        


JOA V Neck Contrast Sweater – $59

I really dislike this sweater. Not only am I not a fan of V neck sweaters generally (reminds me too much of school) but the material was just nasty! It felt cheap and I think would lose the little shape it has the minute you washed it! Meh.


Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Olive & Oak Mixed Media Open Cardigan – $72

This is a really nice cardigan. A very flattering cut and the two different materials make it a bit more interesting than your average gray cardigan. Very versatile and easy to add to any wardrobe. The only reason I’m not keeping this is I felt it was a little too old for me. Just a personal style issue rather than the poor quality or high price tag like the other items!! Here it is paired with the French Connection tank and my favorite Stitch Fix jeans.


Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Jack Shire Tank – $45

I had an issue with Jack clothes last time as I felt they were overpriced and poor quality. This top is similar. The lace detailing is delicate (making me feel like it won’t hold up!) but cute. Red is a color that really suits me but I just couldn’t shake the thought that this was a bit too sexy (by sexy I mean slutty) for me to want to be seen out in public in. Red and black lace just makes me think underwear! Sorry!

IMG_1685   IMG_1688   IMG_1690

Outfit details:

Jeans (Just Black Adorra Jeans from Stitch Fix)

Status: Returned


Envi T Back Maxi Dress – $119

OK…wait for it…Firstly, why are they sending me a maxi dress in December?! Secondly, I would never in a million years wear this pattern. Thirdly, it’s incredibly shapeless and makes me look like a ruler (which granted is pretty much what I do look like but that doesn’t mean I want to accentuate my lack of curves by wearing something that’s too big for me!). And finally, it’s $119! I don’t think you need to be a rocket scientist to know this is going back!

IMG_1669   IMG_1672

Status: Returned        

Overall impressions:

So I lost nothing by returning everything from this Wantable style edit and I had some fun trying everything on. It really just confirmed to me that I don’t want to try a Wantable style edit again. However, since returning this box (and making sure my subscription was cancelled!), I’ve since received an email saying I can try a fitness edit for free. I will give that a try and hope for more luck!

What are your thoughts on this style edit? Have I been too harsh?  Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re interested in trying Wantable, click here.

Wantable logo

Ipsy Glam Bag review – December 2015

Ipsy review – December 2015 Glam Bag

So this month’s Ipsy glam bag arrived just before the Christmas break giving me a couple weeks to test out my new products without the distraction of school! If you want to find out how Ipsy works, click here. Let’s take a look at this month’s bag of goodies…

This month’s bag is a festive red color with a cute quilted pattern. It felt a bit cheaper than the last but my 2 year old loves the color so even though I doubt I’ll be reusing it, she definitely will be! While the bag wasn’t quite my taste, there were some products inside that I will be sure to use regularly.


Product no. 1: Caudalie – Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum (value – approx. $16)

I liked this serum although I was hesitant about using it as I do have very sensitive skin and tend to stick to my favorite products for my face. It’s lightweight and fast absorbing which left my skin feeling hydrated and soft. This was also a good value as the full size version is $49. However, I don’t think it was better than my usual (Boots No.7) so I won’t be buying any.


Product no. 2: Be A Bombshell Cosmetics – Mechanical Eyeliner (value – approx. $14)

I was really excited to see an eyeliner in my bag this month as it’s something I use everyday. However, I was hugely disappointed in this eyeliner. It was very faint and just didn’t go on well. For that reason, I won’t be using it as have better already!


Product no. 3: Peter Lamas – Spa Sensuals Intensive Repair Hand Cream (value – approx. $5)

I was honestly considering going out and buying a new hand cream just before this bag arrived as we have reached that dry part of winter that makes my fingers crack and bleed (which is really painful – it’s like having paper cuts all over the tips of your fingers!). So you can imagine my joy at seeing one in my Ipsy bag! It contains Shea butter with an enriching mixture of oils keeping moisture locked in and healing any damaged skin. Perfect! I will be using this until it’s empty! If I wish to restock, it came with a 20% off promotion. Even better! Probably this month’s favorite item.


Product no. 4: Pacifica – Power of Love Natural Lipstick (value – approx. $10)

Now as soon as I saw ‘Vegan lipstick’ on the box I was intrigued. I’m very pleased that this is 100% vegan and cruelty free as it means I can use it with a completely clear conscience. However, despite its ethically clean origins, this lipstick just isn’t that exciting. It’s a lovely natural color (I received ‘Nudie Red’) but it’s also a bit boring! I didn’t love how it felt on my lips either. I doubt this will get used.


Product no. 5: Formula X – Nail Varnish in Revved Up (value – approx. $3)

I just love this little bottle of festive glitter! The perfect color for the holiday season and in the rose gold metallic, it even matches my iphone! Oh the little things in life! Yes it’s sample sized but I don’t think I’ve ever actually used an entire nail varnish color up before so I’m not too worried about that one.


So there’s my December glam bag review. I loved how this month’s bag definitely seemed to have a festive, holiday theme. Lots of the products work well for winter, whether it be the deep moisturizing hand cream or the gold sparkly NYE nail varnish. Like last month, this bag seems an absolute bargain with the approximate value totaling $48. An amazing deal for what is essentially the equivalent of one nice glass of wine! I can’t wait for January’s bag!

If you want to try Ipsy, click here.

Stitch Fix: Reveal and review – December 2015

My Christmas fix is here!!! Things have been a bit quiet on the blog recently. Partly due to me now being one organ lighter. A couple trips to the ER, an emergency surgery followed by some ‘exploratory camera work’ has resulted in me being without a gall bladder, and the blog being a little neglected as I recovered. I’m not sure the reveal photos would have been too pretty to be honest, so as they say, better late than never!

This month’s fix was a mixed bag. Some items I loved, some I detested. My stylist did a pretty good job of listening to my requests. I’m still desperately longing for the lace elbow patch sweater that some people have been getting in their boxes but she did fulfil my request for my very first Stitch Fix bag! Jessica also looked at my Pinterest board as, once again, I got the exact item I pinned!

So let’s check out what December brought…

Urban Expressions Amherst Multi-Zip Tote – $68

I LOVE this bag! I actually have bags as something I don’t want to receive from Stitch Fix (I’d rather just get clothing) but when I saw another blogger had reviewed this, I really wanted one of my own. It’s just gorgeous. A lovely red color with a cute interior too. It’s super practical – the main compartment holds my laptop and any papers I need for school. I also love the two little pockets on top. Keys go in one, phone in the other, which saves me from constantly routing around in my bag when I need either of them. The zipper details are really cute and make it a little more exciting than your average tote. It’s just perfect. At first I thought I’d use it for school when it matched what I was wearing. Now I use it every day regardless of color clashes as it’s just so gosh damn cute (and practical)!

IMG_1547    IMG_1554

Status: Kept!                

41Hawthorn Jace Abstract Chevron Print Dress – $68

This dress is the item I pinned and naturally, I love it! Another great dress for school. It’s comfy, cute and the perfect length. I can wear it with boots, flats or heels. Very versatile. The deep purple color I think quite suits me too! This was also the first item I’ve received from 41Hawthorn which is one of Stitch Fix’s in-house labels so that was a little exciting on its own. Here it is paired with my new Kensie blazer I got from Macy’s in the Black Friday sales (also technically a Christmas present from the husband as his credit card paid for it!).


Outfit details:

Black flats (Target)

Blazer (Kensie)

Status: Kept!

The dress also goes really well with the cardigan my stylist sent….

Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan – $48

Jessica recommended I pair the dress with tights and the cardigan for an easy addition to keep me warm. That’s exactly what I did. I added the waist belt to help define my waist as it did look a little too slouchy otherwise. I love this cardigan – it’s very soft and comfortable – but I’ve decided to return it simply because I already own two black cardigans and one is very similar to this one.


Outfit details:

Black flats (Target)

Belt (buy similar here)

Status: Returned

Pixley Margo Embellished Shoulder Blouse – $68

Pixley is a brand I seem to receive a lot of. For the most part, I love it! However, this blouse is just weird. When I put it on for my husband to shoot these photos, his reaction summed it up well: “What is that?!” It has potential. I could see someone very cool making this work. The embellishment is cute. However, I had a number of issues with it. Firstly, the material is not great quality. It was quite rough and felt a bit cheap for the $68 price tag. Secondly, the embellishment made it rather stiff so it didn’t quite sit right. Thirdly, I felt a bit too much like Michael Jackson in it. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t explain it. That was just my initial impression and one I couldn’t shift! However, I think it looks acceptable styled with my ‘winter white’ jeans here…

IMG_1546     IMG_1543

Outfit details:

Jeans (American Eagle)

Boots (Forever 21)

 Status: Returned

Papermoon Cheryl Printed Pencil Skirt – $58

I requested floral or fun patterned pencil skirts in my note to the stylist and this is what Jessica sent. It’s cute! The colors aren’t ones I would usually choose (almost a brown/purple combination), but I think it works really well with black tights which is what I wanted! The fit is great and I can see this working well for school. My stylist did suggest I pair it with the Margo Embellished Blouse but I thought it looked just plain ridiculous. My OCD could not handle the color combinations of the skirt with the gold/silver embroidery. So instead I paired it with my Papermoon blouse from November’s Stitch Fix. It’s how I realistically will wear this outfit. Plus it’s an all Papermoon outfit and I kinda like that!


Outfit details:

Black flats (Target)

Blouse (Stitch Fixread my review here)

Status: Kept


Overall impressions:

This was a good fix. I love the bag and have added a couple of great items to my teacher closet. My work wardrobe is looking a lot healthier now so I may ask for more casual items in my January fix. All in all, Stitch Fix remains my favorite subscription service and the novelty has not worn off yet!

What do you think? Do you agree with what I’m keeping? Am I too harsh on the Margo blouse? How would you style these items? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click here.

Ipsy glam bag review – November 2015

Things have been very hectic with my return to work and the Thanksgiving break, so I am squeezing my November review of my Ipsy glam bag in while it’s still November (well…for the next 4 hours!). This is my first Ipsy glam bag and so far, I’m loving it! It even came in a shiny pink mailer (which my husband thought was terrible, but I thought was fab!). It was a really good mix of things within my comfort zone and new products to try. If you want to find out how Ipsy works, click here. Let’s take a look at this month’s bag of goodies…

First of all, the bag itself is really cute. Kinda space themed but in two of my favorite colors, pink and purple! The bag was also bulging on first inspection which was a great sign of what was to come.


Product no. 1: Novex Haircare – Brazilian Keratin Deep Conditioning Treatment (value – approx. $3.50)

This is just what my hair needs! I do not get my hair cut anywhere near as often as I should and this, combined with my lazy hair care routines, pretty much kills it. I often have split ends and this deep conditioning is the kinda TLC my hair was crying out for. Thank you Ipsy, my hair is in your debt!


Product no. 2: Jelly Pong Pong – Liquid Gossamer (value – approx. $22.95)

This was one of the more puzzling products in my box. Partly because I had no idea at first glance what this was! Put gossamer into google and you get a rather fetching image of an orange monster or the synonym, cobwebs. Cobwebs on my face…hmmm. Well, luckily, it wasn’t cobwebs but a rather shiny, slightly sparkly, illuminizer. It’s lightweight and designed to give your skin instant radiance. I felt just a bit shiny and wet! Not too keen on this one. It just felt a bit silly. Mind you, this is probably what I’d expect from a company called Jelly Pong Pong!


Product no. 3: Smashbox Cosmetics – Full Exposure Mascara (value – approx. $5)

I love this mascara! It’s lightweight, yet volumizing and made my lashes look very long and curly. No clumps, no flakes, just beautiful lashes! According to their website, there is a 104% increase in lash volume, 32% increase in lash length and a 34-degree increase in lash curl. I have no idea how they possibly measure that, but I’m sold!


Product no. 4: INSPR beauty – eye shadow (value – approx. $13)

As soon as I saw this in my bag, I loved the color. It’s the kind of neutral I wear regularly. The eyeshadow itself is very soft and goes on easily. Equally, you could easily layer it to make a more dramatic look for an evening out. I received the color ‘carnival’. One of the great things about Ipsy is they offer deals on the products. Through receiving this item, I also received a 50% off INSPR makeup.


Product no. 5: tre’StiQue – Mini matte lip crayon in chili red (value – unknown although they have similar full size pencils for $28).

This was the last thing I tried in my box as I just wasn’t that excited about it. It turned out to be my favorite! The color is a vibrant red which actually really suits me! I would never have tried such a bright lip color without having a subscription service like Ipsy. It was such a pleasant surprise. Not only do I love the color, but the quality of this product is also superb. It’s very soft, easy to apply and feels like it would also act as a moisturizer. Another great find thanks to Ipsy.


So there’s my November glam bag review. I am very impressed with Ipsy so far. While I couldn’t find all the products in the same size online, I believe this bag to be valued at between $40-50! That’s an incredible deal for $10 and a free bag! I am definitely keeping this subscription going and look forward to experimenting more with Ipsy through their giveaways, online tutorials and shopping deals!

If you want to try Ipsy, click here.

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a subscription beauty service created by YouTube beauty star, Michelle Phan. For $10 each month, subscribers receive a ‘glam bag’ filled with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. You can follow their stylists on social media and watch beauty tutorials with the products. There are also lots of giveaways and offers allowing you to buy products at discounted rates. It’s really fun and interactive. Each review earns you Ipsy points which can be put towards these great deals.

Just like my favorite clothing subscription services, you take a short quiz first specifying your skin tone, eye and hair color, favorite beauty looks, and Ipsy stylists you identify with most. You can rate how comfortable you are with makeup and how adventurous you want to be. You can identify the brands you love or would love to try, and your favorite types of products.

There is usually a wait list to start receiving your Ipsy glam bag although you can skip this by following them on social media and sharing the fact you’ve just signed up. I would be surprised if anyone really is on the wait list.

After this, you just need to sit at home and wait patiently for your sparkly package to come in the mail (in a bright pink mailer in my case!). And then the fun begins….

If you want to try Ipsy, click here.


The Battle of the Boxes

Confused about which styling service you should try? Here’s a simple table to help make the decision easier…the opinions are mine and based on my experience and my personal likes/dislikes only.

Stitch Fix Trendsend Wantable Style Edit
Is there a styling fee? $20 – non-refundable but applied to anything you purchase $0 $20 – non-refundable but applied to anything you purchase
How many items do you receive? 5 It varies. You receive 2-3 complete outfits. 5
Are accessories included? Yes Yes No – Wantable have a separate accessories subscription service
Can you exchange for a different size? Yes – if it’s available Yes No
Can you exchange for a different color? No Yes No
How many days do you get to try on the items before you need to ‘check out’? 3 5 5
Do you receive a discount if you keep your entire box? Yes – 25% keep all discount No 20% keep all discount
What brands are featured? Examples:

Kut from the cloth


Daniel Rainn

Plus Stitch Fix in-house labels such as Pixley and 41 Hawthorn


Kut from the cloth


Allison Joy


BB Dakota

Click here for a full list



French Connection

7 For All Mankind

BB Dakota


Wooden Ships Hudson

Waverly Grey

How regularly can you receive boxes? Every 2-3 weeks

Every month

Every other month

Every three months

Every month OR whenever you request one Every month (you can skip a month if you wish)
What are the unique features of this box? Style cards show you two different ways to style the outfit Linked to an actual store meaning size exchanges and color swaps are easy. You can also buy anything you don’t receive in your box. Hmmm…
What is customer service like? Excellent Excellent Wouldn’t do a size exchange so not as accommodating as Trendsend or Stitch Fix.
Pros Excellent customer service

Style cards

Highly personal notes from stylists with the opportunity to keep your stylist from month to month

25% keep all discount

Very flexible subscription options

Offers items on sale

Linked to store for easy exchanges

Complete outfits sent

Can request a one-off box without committing to a subscription


20% keep all discount

The box it comes in is fabulous!

Cons Even if you request an item, you can’t be sure you will receive it.

I had fit issues with the first few boxes and some really ‘off’ stuff sent. You have to persevere as it definitely gets better with time!


Expensive. If you were to keep your entire box, it would easily be $500-$1000!

As you can see all the items on the Evereve website, it’s less exciting than Stitch Fix where you have no idea what you could receive!

I personally thought the quality of the clothing was very poor


Overall impressions The original and my personal favorite! I love the element of surprise, the personal notes from your stylist, how closely they look at your Pinterest board and the style of the clothes. I love the fact you get entire outfits and sale items. However, it’s a bit too expensive for me and not really my style. Definitely more ‘boho chic’ and ‘edgy’ than Stitch Fix. Not a fan. I thought it was poor quality clothing and impersonal (both the stylist’s note, styling advice and customer service).


Rating (out of 10) 9…it’d be 10 if it was a little cheaper! 7…mainly due to style 3…not impressed!
Want to sign up? Click here for Stitch Fix Click here for Trendsend Click here for Wantable